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'Interethnic conflicts on Russian Television: The Journalist's View', University of Manchester, 17 February

As a part of the AHRC-funded project Mediating Post-Soviet Difference: An Analysis of Russian Television Representations of Interethnic Cohesion carried out at the Department of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Manchester you are invited to attend a seminar entitled

'Interethnic conflicts on Russian Television:

The Journalist's View'.


Dr. Viktor Muchnik, head of TV2 television company (Tomsk, Russia) which is recognized as one of the best regional television companies in Russia. He is also a long-time editor-in-chief of TV2's flagship weekly programme Chas Pik (Rush hour). Chas Pik and Dr. Muchnik himself were several times awarded the TEFI, the most prestigious prize among Russian television journalists.

Viacheslav Nikolaev, an award-winning television journalist. Nikolaev works at REN TV's weekly Nedelia s Mariannoi Maksimovskoi in which he covers issues of interethnic relations in post-Soviet countries.

The seminar will take place on Monday, 17 February, at 17.15Sam Alex building, room: A101