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XVI International Congress of Slavists, August 2018

XVI International Congress of Slavists, August 2018

The XVI International Congress of Slavists is expected to take place in Belgrade, 22-27 August 2018.  The thematic areas to be included in the Congress are listed on the webpage of the International Committee of Slavists (

Applications to organize or participate in panels (‘thematic blocks’) are invited by the deadline of 1 May 2016, for decision in the autumn of 2016 (  A thematic block should consist of 3-8 participants, of whom not more than 2 may be from the same country, and should include papers in at least 2 Slavonic languages, preferably 3.  The organizer of a thematic block must ensure that there is an introductory paper lasting not more than 20 minutes and that the other papers last not more than 15 minutes; discussants should speak not more than 5 minutes.  The organizer must arrange for the papers to be made available electronically in advance of the Congress and provide a link which can be placed on the Congress website.  A final version of the papers, taking account of discussion, may be published after the Congress.

When submitting an application for a thematic block, the organizer must send in a subject outline and abstracts of the papers (not longer than 1000 characters including spaces).  Applications and abstracts should be sent to, with ‘Thematic block’ in the subject heading, before 1 May 2016; please copy for information to the UK representative, Mary MacRobert (  The contact for enquiries is Professor Rajna Dragićević (

The deadline for applications to give individual papers in thematic sessions will be approximately 18 months in advance of the Congress, i.e. by the beginning of 2017.  Individual papers should either deal comparatively with more than one Slavonic language / literature / culture, or should have a theoretical dimension.  Prepublication with an ISBN/ISSN is required for individual papers, but this may be either in fully published printed or electronic form or in ‘green’ Open Access form via institutional research archives.

Individual papers are subject to the national quota (which does not include speakers in thematic blocks) and applications must therefore be forwarded via the national representative on the ICS, with an indication of the appropriate thematic section.  The quota of places for UK delegates at the Congress is 15, and the national representative is Mary MacRobert (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford OX2 6QA. Tel. 01865-274399. e-mail:  Please let her know if you plan to organize a thematic block or contribute a paper.