Ion Voicu Sucala (University of Glasgow and University of Exeter) and Richard Connolly (University of Birmingham) 

Scope and rationale

The Study Group aims to bring together scholars from British universities interested in the broad area of the economics of former communist countries. Its main objective is to revive and foster the importance of this field of study in BASEES.

The Study Group on Post-communist Economies is an informal and interdisciplinary forum, which aims to foster discussion, collaborative research, interaction with policy practitioners and other non-academic partners and, potentially, joint activities in teaching. Membership of the Study Group is open to UK academics and postgraduates from any discipline with an interest in the post-communist region who are conducting research relevant to the field of economics.

The Study Group acts as a key hub of support and coordination for those working on post-communist economies, including senior academics and graduate students. It assists in connecting researchers, whether for quick enquiries or longer-term collaboration, and providing information for those beginning their study of the region. It also seeks to develop and foster ties, for research collaboration, with comparable networks and academics abroad.

Mailing List