About us (Study Group for Russian and Eastern European Music)

Convenors: Tamsin Alexander, Philip Bullock, Pauline Fairclough, Katerina Levidou, Ivana Medić, Danijela Špirić-Beard and Patrick Zuk. Any enquiries should be sent to REEM.

Background: In the last twenty years or so, scholarly interest in Russian music has undergone a renaissance in the UK. There are now around ten music departments where either Russian or East European music (or both) is offered as a staff specialism, with the result that there has been a rapid expansion of postgraduate interest. There are also growing links between musicologists and Slavists working in Russian departments, and between British-based scholars and Russians. The idea for a BASEES Study Group for Russian and East European Music (REEM) has been raised by several scholars from different institutions in the last year, and it seems that, with this recent upsurge of interest, the formation of this Group is timely, even overdue. The group is affiliated to the University of Oxford Music Faculty.

Purpose: The Study Group will seek to foster collaborative research and exchange of ideas within this growing community. By extending the research profile of the Study Group to include East European music, we will gain from the expertise of several well-established British academics with excellent connections with Polish, Hungarian and Czech scholars. We also hope to develop contacts with colleagues in Russia and Eastern Europe, wherever possible enabling scholars to travel to the UK. There is no musicological forum that would facilitate this as an ongoing project, and all such exchanges are currently made on an ad hoc basis. BASEES offers a unique opportunity to organise this in a more structured way, and should therefore create much closer links between scholarly communities here and abroad.

The Study Group has a number of key aims: 

  • To foster research links between scholars working in music and Russian departments in the UK. To this end, the convenors feel it important that the organization of the Study Group’s activities is the product of collaboration between Slavists and musicologists;
  • To provide a forum for academics and postgraduates to exchange ideas and meet one another at regular conferences, with the possibility of resulting publications;
  • To explore the many connections between Russian and East European musicological issues and develop contacts between scholars working in these areas;
  • To support and encourage postgraduate research into Russian and East European Music;
  • To bring musicologists into the wider community of BASEES, something which should greatly benefit both Slavists interested in musical issues, and musicologists who need a less narrowly 'musical' forum to discuss broader cultural and aesthetic issues;
  • To establish and maintain an email list, in order to inform members of the Study Group about forthcoming events of interest;
  • To raise the presence of REEM at meetings of the Royal Musical Association.

CURRENT AND Past Conferences

In 2017 REEM's annual conference will be held at Goldsmiths, University of London on Friday 15 December 2017. The theme will be MUSIC AND REVOLUTION. The conference programme can be downloaded here

In 2016 REEM's annual conference was held at the School of Music, University of Cardiff on Friday 24 June 2016. The theme was MUSIC AND MOBILITY. The conference programme can be downloaded here.

In 2015 REEM's annual conference was held at the Department of Music, University of Nottingham on Monday 22 June 2015. The theme was MUSIC AND CRISIS. 

Also in 2015, a conference entitled MUSICAL LEGACIES OF STATE SOCIALISM: REVISITING NARRATIVES ABOUT POST-WORLD WAR II EUROPE was held on 24-26 September at Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, under the auspices of the Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA), the Department of Fine Arts and Music of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the BASEES Study Group for Russian and East European Music (REEM).

In 2014 REEM held a conference on MUSIC AND EMPIRE IN EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE at the University of Durham. 

REEM held a conference on SCANDALS IN MUSIC HISTORY at the Oxford University Music Faculty on 2 November 2013. The Programme can be downloaded here.

In September 2013 REEM co-organised a conference on RETHINKING BALKAN MUSIC’S POLES OF ATTRACTION, held in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Annual Conference 2012 was devoted to MINORITY COMPOSERS and held at the University of Manchester, Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, on Saturday 13 October 2012. 

In July 2011 REEM co-organised a conference on the reception of Greek antiquity in music since the nineteenth century, held in Athens, Greece.

REEM's annual conference 2011, on Music Theory and Criticism, was held at Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, St. Aldate’s, Oxford on Saturday 15 October 2011. The programme can be found here, and abstracts and biographies can also be downloaded.

REEM's annual conference 2010, CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPEAN MUSIC: MUSICAL CROSSROADS?, took place at the Oxford University Faculty of Music on 26 June 2010. 

REEM held a conference on MUSICAL NATIONALISM AND MODERNISM IN RUSSIA AND EASTERN EUROPE on 17 October 2009, which was hosted by the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, and was organised by Katerina Levidou and Rosamund Bartlett. The programme can be seen here.

In 2008 REEM held a conference on RUSSIA'S MUSICAL REVOLUTIONARIES, in association with the Oxford University Faculty of Music and the Bate Collection, which took place at the Denis Arnold Hall in Oxford on 1 October and was organised by Rosamund Bartlett and Pauline Fairclough. 

REEM held a conference on MUSIC IN RUSSIA AND EASTERN EUROPE AFTER ‘THE THAW’ at the Department of Music, Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol, on Friday 29 June 2007. 

THE ROYAL MUSICAL ASSOCIATION and BASEES RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN MUSIC STUDY GROUP held a POSTGRADUATE STUDY DAY on Russian and East European Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama on 10 February 2007 The inaugural conference, EASTERN EUROPEAN MUSICAL RELATIONS, took place in the Department of Music, University of Bristol, on Saturday 24 June 2006. 



If you would like your e-mail address to be added to REEM's e-mail list please write to us.