The Polish Studies Group is an interdisciplinary forum that brings together scholars and postgraduate students working on various aspects of Polish history, culture, and society. It aims to enhance discussion on critical perspectives emerging in the field of Polish studies and its impact on the research practices. It is intended to promote the place of Polish Studies in British academia in general and in BASEES in particular.

The group seeks to foster research collaboration and enhance exchanges of ideas and expertise. It plans to organise annual workshops bringing together scholars interested in Polish studies to foster new collaborative research projects. 

Via dedicated workshops for postgraduate students, it aims to support scholars preparing for their first research trips to Poland. Via networking events and workshops addressed to early career researchers, it plans to foster communication and support grant bidding. Networking within the UK and with leading academics working in Poland will facilitate the exchange of ideas and dissemination of the research outcomes. Also, we aim to address the growing popular interest in Polish history and heritage by engaging in the dialogue with the local Polish communities.

Special attention will be given to issues related to memory, migrations, and cultural history of war which we seek to explore in the series of meetings. 

The study group is open for academics and postgraduates with interest in any field of Polish Studies. To join our mailing list please e-mail: or

Membership in the group is free.


Our first meeting and workshop will be held on 2nd of March 2018 in Manchester, more info: